Atomic 5 in 1 Advanced Technology Electronic Pest Repeller

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The Atomic 5 in 1 advanced technology Pest Offense electronic Pest Repeller includes (3) superior technology to Repel unwanted pests. Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic, and Ionic Pest manage all constructed in. Electromagnetic waves are designed to make use of your already constructed in wiring in your partitions wherein pests nest and breed.
Ultrasonic Sound waves are despatched out to soundly scare pests off and Ionic technology - via the usage of bad Ions, the air is scrubbed of odors that usually attract pests (put off the odor - eliminate the enchantment) Coupled with a constructed In night mild and a AC bypass through - This has 5 objects constructed into 1 tool. extremely good for Ants, bed insects, Fleas, bugs, Mice, Mites, Rats, Roaches & different Indoor Pests The tool will cowl up to 5000 sq.toes Contiguous Room - for max insurance - Plug a Unit in every room (in the first couple weeks of use - you will see an increase in Pests because the walls are Flushed)

Feature Of Atomic 5 in 1 Advanced Technology Pest Offense Electronic Pest Repeller

  • Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic, and Ionic Pest control
  • Integrated convenient LED Nightlight & side Plug-In
  • Secure for human beings, Pets, family Electronics and computers
  • Guard as much as 5000 square feet
  • Makes use of little or no power & Chemical loose

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